Underlying Tech - EVM?


Love the project goals, and have a couple of quick questions.

Is this project built atop Ethereum or an EVM based project? Reading (https://medium.com/tokendaily/handshake-ens-and-decentralized-naming-services-explained-2e69a1ca1313) I might be a bit turned around.

If it is atop Ethereum or a EVM sidechain, are/how are there smart contracts?



Handshake is built on its own blockchain. The protocol is similar to Bitcoin but with a covenant system to enable name auctions on chain.


Somewhat related, I have been looking at EVM constructed naming systems such as ENS as well as Handshake – and one question that I could find a clear answer to is the total space requirement. E.g. when Handshake or ENS for that matter scale up to actually register all domains in auctions with their meta data how big will all of this be?

@tieshun if you guys have thoughts on that it would be great if you could share. Just my simple math is that there are probably ~500 million domains registered today. Let’s say each domain has 4kb of meta-data on average then I get to around 2 terabyte of data for the complete state of the chain. But this calculation does not yet account for the normal rate of changes to meta-data. E.g. when a domain changes ownership or is reconfigured we have both the old state and the new state on the chain. At that target scale out of 500 million domains (or whatever Handshake assumes) what is the expected rate of change both in number of transactions per second as well as on monthly data growth for Handshake?

I think these parameters are important for Handshake as they are for EVM based solutions. Would love to understand Handshakes perspective on that.