How to Redeem Faucet HNS


Is there a guide to redeeming faucet HNS from when the portal was hosted at And/or is that login portal still accessible somewhere? It seems to no longer be available. Thanks!


When you used the faucet you should have received a wallet seed phrase. Did you save that phrase?


If you went through the faucet you should have two things:

  1. your seed phrase
  2. your HNS address

If your HNS address is eligible you can claim from the airdrop. The seed allows you to access these afterwards. There might be more ways to claim the tokens, this is the one I know. You have to:

  1. Download all the things
  • git clone
  • git clone
  • git clone
  1. Create the base64 string using hs-airdrop
    hs-airdrop [addr]

  2. Start a handshake daemon

git clone git://
cd hsd
npm install --production
  1. Pass base64 string to network
  • Pass string created in 2. to via hs-rpc
  • hs-client/bin/hsd-rpc sendrawairdrop "base64-string"

It will only work after the tx ban is lifted (I think block 2016?) but in your node logs you’ll see the tx and that it was rejected. Something like:

(peer) Rejecting AIRDROP 72891b81787be40d14c089057d423d722cf7dd94199d6e1d6127c74fe56c1618 ( code=invalid reason=no-tx-allowed-yet.
(net) Error: Verification failure: no-tx-allowed-yet (code=invalid score=0 hash=72891b81787be40d14c089057d423d722cf7dd94199d6e1d6127c74fe56c1618)