Handshake Mining - Windows


I am curious if anyone has tried to use the new HandyMiner GUI for Windows?!

I downloaded the latest distribution from the links below.

I looked up the HNS Mining Pool from Handshake Alliance (links below), but not sure how I can create an account and set it up in HandyMiner GUI.

Handshake Alliance

HNS Pool

Testnet4 GUI Miner:: Windows


There’s directions on how to use the GUI in windows in the Github repo under HandyMiner-GUI. If those aren’t good enough, please wait sometime for a more thorough guide on HandshakeAcademy.org if you’re new to mining. All platforms have been thoroughly tested already, and all work without issue GUI-wise (Windows/Mac).


The Github readme does not have any info on the Stratum Details. The HNS Pool doesn’t have this information either. The readme doesn’t really detail whether hsd and the hsd-client are required; however, I assume they are just to obtain a wallet address, no? The Wallet Setup Guide (https://handshake-org.github.io/guides/wallet.html) prompts to install hsd and the hsd-client. There is an install guide for hsd, but no install guide for hsd-client and the readme for that repository doesn’t detail installation either. I’d like to setup a full node, wallet and mine on the testnet and have spent hours searching the various sites, reddit posts, repositories etc and can’t quite figure out how to connect the dots. I know you said a “thorough guide” is coming, but is there anyone who can answer questions in the meantime??