Handshake mining pool and handshake GPU miner


https://6block.com/ Handshake mining pool
handshake mining pool is open for pre-registrations.
Mining will be enabled after the genesis block is ready.
Only 2% mining fee!

**also handshake GPU miner: 6miner https://github.com/6block/6miner

# 6miner Handshake GPU miner, Faster than the official miner

6miner is a highly optimized cryptocurrency miner that runs on modern AMD / NVIDIA GPUs and CPUs.

  • 6miner currently supports [handshake]((blake2b + sha3) algorithm with 3% of devfee.

Quick start

  • [Download] and extract 6miner into a folder.
  • Depending on the coins that you want to mine, find the corresponding script in the folder.(e.g mine_hns.sh ).
  • Change the address and vendor information in the script.
  • Run the script and Enjoy mining.

Reference performances

algorithm card hashrate
** handshake(blake2b + sha3) 2080Ti
** handshake(blake2b + sha3) 2060
** handshake(blake2b + sha3) RX 580
** handshake(blake2b + sha3) P100


@keepwalking1234 any update to reference performances of gpus?