Handshake Mining guide for 6block Pool


Handshake Mining guide for 6block Pool

Handshake is an all-new blockchain platform, it is one of the most exciting developments in the blockchain industry in years. More info on http://handshake.org

What is 6block ?

6block is a mining pool, well, not just any mining pool but it is the first mining pool to be ready fot the Handshake launch.
We have also worked day and night towards optimizing 6block’s performance and making sure it is stable, fast and secure. 6block has different channels aimed towards community support, here’s our channels:

What is 6miner?

6miner is a highly optmized miner for Handshake, it performs over 20% faster on most GPUs tested. It is a direct competitor of HandyMiner which is also a very good miner.

Here’s the links for both miners as we encourage people to test and decide which option will suit them best.

Install GPU Drivers

In order to mine Handshake, you will need to have your GPU’s drivers installed in your computer. 6miner works with both AMD and Nvidia cards, here’s how to install the drivers:

Nvidia GPU

Here’s a very good tutorial on how to install Nvidia Drivers on Ubuntu:


Here’s a very good tutorial on how to install AMD GPU drivers on Ubuntu:

Here’s the official AMD tutorial for installing amdgpu-pro on Ubuntu and CentOS:


For Ubuntu, please make sure to download from this link, Version 19.50 is recommended as it’ll support up to the 5700XT (aprox 240mh hashrate).


Download 6miner from here

Currently there’s only a Linux-64bit build, please choose that one.

The miner will work on any Linux distribution, please make sure to have the correct GPU drivers installed.

Wait, how did you do this ?

Here we just downloaded and decompresed the miner on our Linux mining rig, here’s the process we followed and commands used:

  1. Go to http://github.com/6block/6miner/releases
  2. Download the release file, currently: https://github.com/6block/6miner/releases/download/v0.0.1/6miner-v0.0.1-amd64-linux.tar.gz
  3. Open the terminal and decompress the file: tar -xpf 6miner-v0.0.1-amd64-linux.tar.gz
  4. Go inside the folder that was just created: cd 6miner-v0.0.1-amd64-linux
  5. As seen below, open the mining script with your preferred editor, here we used “nano”: nano mine_hns.sh
  6. Edit the config and change the following:
    6.1 POOL (if mining on a pool different from 6block but where’s the fun in that?)
    6.2 USERNAME: This is the username you registered on the pool, you can do something like myusername.1
    6.3 PWD: This can be anything, just a “x” will suffice
    6.4 VENDOR: amd/nvidia depending on your GPU
  7. After you’ve finished, save and exit the file by pressing “ctrl +x and then press Y when asked”

  1. Start mining with ./mine_hns.sh and press Enter

If you see this, we’re mining !!

Note the 64.7 MH/s reading, that is your hashrate. This is from a Radeon RX 580 8GB. Pretty good results on this one.

Downloading and setting up Handyminer

Full install steps are detailed here: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/HandyMiner-CLI

Readings from the 6block.com pool

Go to https://6block.com and go to “My Homepage”, this will show you your current dashboard and all the mining stats you’ll need