Handshake Domains vs gTLDs?


If you register “example/” on Handshake, are you registering the gTLD “.example”? Or are you just registering the domain “example”?


You’re registering the TLD “.example”


okay thanks for your reply Tieshun.

Another quick question: if you register “example/”, could you have your domain/site as just “example/” or do you need to have a name before “.example/”? E.g. “mywebsite.example/”?


What you’re asking about is subdomains. If you own the TLD example, you can add any type of DNS record to that name. You could add an A record with an IP address, and then users could find your server by just entering http://example./ into their browsers. You could also add an NS record, with an IP address of your name server. Your name server would also answer DNS requests, and it would be responsible for all subdomains of example, issuing A records for…
… etc

The name server would be authenticated using DNSSEC.

Also note, the thing about putting an A record on chain is up for debate: https://github.com/handshake-org/hsd/issues/125