Handshake Alliance Developer Update 6/7



**Testnet 4 is now live, and you can begin testing the latest changes by updating your daemon to the latest master branch. **

Also http://handshakealliance.org got a makeover, and we’ve added logos for more of our committed partners aiming to help us build on the Handshake public blockchain.

Quick Details: The HandyMiner CLI tool is out! If you’ve been itching to try mining with Handshake, you can now do so (Windows/Mac/and Linux, on both AMD and NVIDIA). The HandyMiner GUI is now out as well for both Windows and Mac, and simplifies the mining process even more. And, the beta for the Bob Wallet has now come open, and is the easiest way to manage your names offline and in a non-custodial manner.

HandyMiner CLI Tool: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/HandyMiner-CLI
HandyMiner GUI Tool: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/HandyMiner-GUI

Bob Desktop Handshake Wallet (Beta Sign-up): http://ApexHNS.com

Special Thanks for Darren Mills for helping us with some internal UX feedback on the projects above, and to everyone who’s tried to out privately thus far!

Next Meeting (Post Mainnet): After mainnet launch we will begin having these more where needed to get more of the technical community onboarded. This will take sometime and attention as many will be confused and excited about Handshake, and will need to take a metered approach to ensure all are taken care of who are curious.

Quick Updates

Full Node Clients: RSD (Rust implementation of the Handshake daemon) is moving along and light client functionality is essentially almost complete, and RSD and HSD nodes are now talking to eachother on the networking layer. This remains a WIP and we hope to have the full client finish before mainnet (if not it’ll be prioritized to be done ASAP following launch). https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/rsd

Research Ideas: Discussing the concepts around Merkle Mountain Ranges and alternative scalability concepts that are already being explored by teams like ZCash. Could potentially be a useful addition worthy of a grant in the mid-term

Reference: https://github.com/zcash/zips/pull/220

HNSimple (Mobile Browser): Their mobile wallet is coming along well. They are looking to implement a barebones browser in the mobile client as well. Can potentially work with Mike Damm here to utilize HS.Zone/HS.Run to resolve names more easily.

Exchange Partnerships: Begun working with the team at Bittrex to assist them with legal/technical on-boarding assisting while working to integrate Handshake as some will need working with HSD since it’s slightly different than bitcoin. This is on-going.

HandshakeAcademy: Mining guides and a revamp coming soon. Urkel team finishing tidying up a bunch of loose ends, then we will get all the guides hoisted up shortly after for HandyMiner CLI/GUI for Mac/Windows. http://HandshakeAcademy.org

HNSPool Dashboard:: Frontend for the pool stats is now live. It is a constant WIP as we move to implement all the necessary features prior to launch. Not much to say at this time, but continue to check back. https://HNSPool.org

HandyMiner GUI: Looking to continue to improve the UI/UX here before launch with some tweaks. Since HandyMiner is built using nw.js it plays nice with Chromium out of the box. Looking to implement a barebones browser here as well in the UI to hit your local HSD bundled node so you can quickly start browsing using HNS after mining setup. This plan is in its early phases, may not see light before mainnet – but will try.

Community Engagement and Growth

We are always looking for more opportunities to present Handshake technically, and to less technical audiences. We just held our 2nd ever developer meetup here in San Francisco at Starfish, and both have been well received, interest is very healthy in the Bay Area. If there is any event organizers or community managers reading this, let us know if you wish to invite us for a talk!

Bonus Video of Boyma Fahnbulleh explaining Handshake at MIT:

Stay Up To Date on Handshake

Handshake Alliance Site: HNSAlliance.org
Handshake Alliance Repo: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance

HNScan Block Explorer: HNScan.com
HNSPool Dashboard: https://HNSPool.org

HandyMiner CLI Tool: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/HandyMiner-CLI
HandyMiner GUI Tool: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/HandyMiner-GUI

Handshake Desktop Wallet (Bob Wallet): http://ApexHNS.com

Nomenclate: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/nomenclate
Nomenclate-JS: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/nomenclate-js

Handshake Nodes & API Services —
Urkel: http://Urkel.io
Provide: http://Provide.Services

Nameian Email Notifier: http://Nameian.com

Fistbump Chrome Extension: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/fistbump

Annotated HNS Whitepaper: https://namebase.io/handshake-whitepaper/

Handshake Academy: http://Handshake.org

HSD Daemon in Rust (WIP): https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/rust-handshake

Educational Articles:

Medium – 3 Sep 18

The Case for Handshake

A Compelling Bid to Decentralize Domain Names

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Hacker Noon – 4 Oct 18

Everything You Didn’t Know About the Handshake Naming System — How this…

The project was conceived by the people who brought you Purse and Private Internet Access.

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CoinDesk – 2 Aug 18

Handshake Revealed: VCs Back Plan to Give Away $100 Million in Crypto - CoinDesk

Handshake plans to replace the digital entities that authenticate web payments, in the process rewarding those who built the web’s infrastructure.

Podcasts with Handshake Developers:
Brian Soule (HNSimple): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-53-it-all-starts-with-a-handshake-with-brian-soule

Hans Schoenburg (Handshake.org): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-54-in-good-hands-with-hans-schoenburg

Sean Kilgariff (Urkel.io & HNScan.com): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-52-playing-the-name-game-with-urkelio

Tieshun Roquerre (Namebase.io): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-47-make-you-say-my-name-with-namebase

Kyle Thomas (Provide Services): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-57-building-for-crypto-developers