Handshake Alliance Developer Update 5/6



Testnet 4 is now live, and you can begin testing the latest changes by updating your daemon to the latest master branch.

Quick Details: The HandyMiner CLI tool is out! If you’ve been itching to try mining with Handshake, you can now do so (Windows/Mac/and Linux, on both AMD and NVIDIA).

Next Meeting (TBD): As we get closer to the mainnet launch, these will form adhoc on a as-needed basis.

Alex Smith (HandyMiner): Miner needs to be tested on as many cards and platforms as possible. This is only the CLI release, the full release includes a GUI interface for Windows and Mac to simplify the process even more. McKie (me) will be building a guide for this on HandshakeAcademy.org once the revamped site is live that the Urkel team is working on.

HandyMiner Github (please star it :D): https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/HandyMiner-CLI

Current Needs: Mark Tynes of Bcoin suggested xpub support so each new coinbase can be mined to a newly generated address. Alex is going to look into this.

Urkel Team: HandshakeAcademy.org update to be more refined and moving over resources to a cleaner new site. This is in preparation for the launch of mainnet. The Urkel team also completed a port of hStratum in Rust.

Current Needs: No needs at this time.

Stay Up To Date on Handshake

Alliance Site: HNSAlliance.org

Alliance Repo: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance

HNScan Block Explorer: HNScan.com

HandyMiner CLI Tool: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/HandyMiner-CLI

Nomenclate: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/nomenclate
Nomenclate-JS: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/nomenclate-js

Handshake Nodes & API Services —
Urkel: http://Urkel.io
Provide: http://Provide.Services

Nameian Email Notifier: http://Nameian.com

Fistbump Chrome Extension: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/fistbump

Annotated HNS Whitepaper: https://namebase.io/handshake-whitepaper/

Handshake Academy: http://Handshake.org

HSD Daemon in Rust (WIP): https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/rust-handshake


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A Compelling Bid to Decentralize Domain Names

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The project was conceived by the people who brought you Purse and Private Internet Access.

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Handshake Revealed: VCs Back Plan to Give Away $100 Million in Crypto - CoinDesk

Handshake plans to replace the digital entities that authenticate web payments, in the process rewarding those who built the web’s infrastructure.

Podcasts with Handshake Developers:
Brian Soule (HNSimple): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-53-it-all-starts-with-a-handshake-with-brian-soule

Hans Schoenburg (Handshake.org): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-54-in-good-hands-with-hans-schoenburg

Sean Kilgariff (Urkel.io & HNScan.com): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-52-playing-the-name-game-with-urkelio

Tieshun Roquerre (Namebase.io): https://soundcloud.com/blockchannelshow/episode-47-make-you-say-my-name-with-namebase