Handshake Alliance Developer Update (4/1)


HNS Alliance Update 4/1/2019:

Testnet 4 is now live, and you can begin testing the latest changes by updating your daemon to the latest master branch.

Quick Details: Matthew Slipper gave a preview of the Bob Wallet, and Apex resolver. We also discussed in detail Boyma’s ledger app for Handshake, which is currently being refactored for Testnet4. Slipper’s wallet also has ledger support (screenshots below).

Next Meeting (April 8th): Dylan Bathhurst will plan to present on Fistbump, his chrome extension/hns resolver for Mac. We will discuss Handshake 4 testnet, and seeing how we can ensure all is tidy from a technical/operations/marketing/and educational standpoint.

We are also planning to host either Hudson Jameson/Lane Rettig/Virgil Griffith from the Ethereum Foundation to see how we can more appropriately work together to get support for HNS into ETH 2.0

Bcoin/Purse Team (Boyma/Mark/Zipkin/JJ/Dylan):

Boyma – walked us through his ledger app codebase [https://github.com/boymanjor/ledger-app-hns] in detail. There were some suggestions for decorating the wallet path for derivation with his ledger app so that its more up to spec for what JJ needs; the testnet4 branch has removed support for this as its refactored. Plan to have it merged in once again once it’s been refactored. Otherwise, will be good to go!

Needs: If you can test the docker installation instructions, spare cycles for anything getting the docker loaded with their device. Test with the 1.5.5 is the latest firmware, or 1.4.22 depending on which device you have.

Zipkin — writing docs for bcoin for sockets and events, hoping to port those over to the HSD doc pages.

Needs: None at this time.

Mark – Still working with Boyma and Bcoin team to squash wallet client related bugs to ensure integrations will be fluid for services and exchanges.

Needs: None at this time.

Dylan – Not on this week’s call.

JJ – Posted a very detailed list of his latest to-dos on Github to coincide with the the Testnet 4 launch, which can be found here https://github.com/handshake-org/hsd/issues/126. To get a full recap, please have a read.

Needs: If you know anyone with an Alexa top 100k name, please encourage them to try it and claim their name.

Kyokan Team (Matthew SlipperApexHNS.com is now live to sign-up to be a beta tester! It’s a full-fledged wallet and HNS name management suite written in Electron for desktops (Bob Wallet), which includes a menubar resolver for Mac (Apex). If you’re familiar with MyCrypto desktop app, it’s a similar vision where offline management becomes easier. Matthew plans to static compile HSD as well for it to be more portable for other devices. Their application almost does it all, very beautifully done. We will work to match the branding aesthetic in other GUI based applications to keep the design language the same.

Here’s some preview images:

Needs: Try to break the beta wallet for the electron wallet, give any feedback on UX, or potential feature requests. ApexHNS.com to sign up for the Bob & Menu Bar Resolver Beta

DNS Wizard Mike Damm – Mike (creator of OpenDNS, all-in-all DNS SME who’s been schooling us on the ins and outs of DNS) was able to have a sitdown with JJ to discuss best ways to manage records on the root zone, so we don’t break the internet :). Suggested changes from their discussion can be found here https://github.com/handshake-org/hsd/issues/125 and are outlined in detail.

Mike remains focused on getting public recursive resolvers for Handshake stood up, so as to still support ICANN names more easily as folks transition over. Mike has also submitted his zone to the Mozilla public suffix list and is waiting his PR merged https://github.com/publicsuffix/list/pull/796

Needs: Boyma will contact Libby Kent and try to work on a parser to do periodic dumps of HNS names so they can be indexed and polled instead of hitting HNSD for every request.

Urkel Team (Sean/Max/Shane) – Working on the Rust daemon, think they will have a Rust library to pull blocks and maintain chain state in the next day or two. Will publish that branch to the alliance repo and build up from there to ensure compatibility with HSD. hStratum is now stable and they’re rewriting it over to Rust as they update their stack to push for ideal performance.

Needs: Good for now.

Alex Smith – HandyMiner and HandyGUI for double-click installer are essentially complete, and command line installers for Mac and Windows. Shared the latest version of the OpenCL multi-platform repo to JJ so he can mark that off his list and review. Getting Ubuntu build to ensure all is ready for Linux.

The GUI and the Miner allow individual miners to quickly get HSD running for their miner, and allows them to edit their stratum port and manage which cards they’ll be using (multi-card is supported!).

Here’s a little preview:

Needs: No needs at this time.

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