Handshake Alliance Developer Update 3/14


HNS Alliance Update 3/14:

Quick Details: Mike Damm gave a demo of his http://hs.zone project, and we went over where the remaining teams were at with their projects.

Next Meeting (April 1st): Boyma will debut the ledger app, and the Kyokan team has built a desktop Electron wallet/resolver that should be entering beta they can demo. Following that meeting, Dylan Bathhurst will plan to present on Fistbump, his chrome extension/hns resolver for Mac in the one following to keep things timely.

Purse/Bcoin Team: Boyma and Mark Tynes are going to be working on the wallet side of HSD, focused on generalized bugs in the wallet code and also merging some of the upstream bcoin updates downstream into HSD. There’s some indexing work they want to move over, and just general improvements while we wait for Testnet 4. Mark is also working with Namebase and Poloniex get HNS integrated while assisting with any hiccups. We’ve brought the Poloniex wallet team into the HNS Alliance channel as well incase they need any on-going support.

If any exchanges need assistance reach out to Mark@purse.io or Boyma@purse.io

Matt Zipkin - Working on network updates on the bcoin side to keep that up to date to maintain parity with bitcoin core for downstream pulls into Handshake/HSD overtime. Will look to leverage and help pull anything in we may deem useful.


Rebooting Web Of Trust- Boyma went to give a presentation on Handshake as we continue to spread the word on the project at relevant technical events.

MIT Bitcoin Expo- He also gave a presentation at the MIT Bitcoin Expo, the response was solid and we’re excited that a lot of the existing Bitcoin community is amped for Handshake as well. Might also help there’s that Github airdrop too :wink:

Needs: If anyone has spare cycles to install the ledger app [https://github.com/boymanjor/ledger-app-hns] and report any bugs.

Urkel Team: Sean and team working on the rust daemon, wants to implement any issues that won’t get merged into HSD that would improve usability, so open for PRs [https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/rust-handshake]. Got hStratum and the node open miner software that will coordinate the different stratum servers. And working with Alex

No Needs for this meeting.

Alex Smith (HandyMiner Team): HandyMiner is going well, has multi card support AMD/Nvidia (builds for linux/mac/windows) and working on a one click build. There will be a GUI that allows you to easily config your miner/stratum, and manage the cards you wish to use for mining. Hoping to have a one-click executable that bundles the HandyMiner with HSD as well.

No Needs for this meeting.

Mike Damm Demo

Created a custom zone to resolve Handshake names (http://hs.zone). Regex in the zone removes the suffix of URLs entered into clearweb browsers like Chrome/Safari. Anyone can resolve Handshake names, though they’ll need to add names locally to certs for security. 100% reliability in HNSD for resolving, some issues with HNS dropping requests, but will look into these bugs as testnet4 comes to gauge which is best – sticking with that for now until there is more stability in HSD for his use case. Will document any of his issues if comes down to it not being personal error so they can be resolved.

Zone IPs: ( and (

Goals: Wants to diminish use of chrome extensions using APIs. Can direct extensions into HS.Zone Working on public resolvers on anycast, serves recursive DNS and Handshake names. Will introduce to Brian Soule’s team to work on his mobile browser.

Need: Fast way to pull from a database for the latest state of Handshake names to resolve from. A parser that will take the current state of the DNS and dump it to be used elsewhere. Boyma and Mark will look into this. Libby Kent of JPMorgan/Quorum says she may be able to assist with the parser as well.

Looming Needs:

HandshakeAcademy —> Important getting started docs, generalized tech terms. Ways to bridge community more with Github and etc. Backlinking for all HNS Alliance supported projects and repos as well.

Future Idea: Recording future dev calls and uploading to the HNS Alliance GitHub, perhaps the audio itself and uploading the audio file.

Alliance Site: HNSAlliance.org

Alliance Repo: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance

HNScan Block Explorer: HNScan.com

Nomenclate: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/nomenclate
Nomenclate-JS: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/nomenclate-js

Handshake Nodes & API Services —
Urkel: http://Urkel.io
Provide: http://Provide.Services

Nameian Email Notifier: http://Nameian.com

Fistbump Chrome Extension: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/fistbump

Annotated HNS Whitepaper: https://namebase.io/handshake-whitepaper/

Handshake Academy: http://Handshake.org

HSD Daemon in Rust (WIP): https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/rust-handshake