Handshake Alliance Developer Update 2/27


HNS Alliance Update 2/27:

We’ve been doing these updates since last November, and I wanted to get these discussions out in the open more and outside the HNS Alliance Developer channel where we’ve housed much of this discussion to date. Everything can be found on the Handshake Alliance GitHub in the links below. I’ll try to keep these updated relatively shortly after the calls.

Urke Team/Sean Kilgariff:

Nameian.com is now live! Get email updates for when your name is available for bidding. Easy and free to use. Another great tool for the toolbelt. Urkel team has also begun work on a Rust daemon for HSD that will be a continued work in progress as we move towards multi-client support.

HNScan being updated for the airdrop faucet claims, HandShakeAcademy.org, Urkel.io API is now out, updating HNScan.com to that. Also working on hStratum, fork of bStratum so can test with Alex’s mining client for the eventual mining pool (testing has now begun).

Working on porting documentation to the alliance for Nomenclate/Moniker. Creating a mirror for current Handshake docs. Sean and the Urkel team have had a slew of great releases: Nomenclate (electrum fork for hsd) and HNScan.com are live and in the alliance repo for testing. There’s even a js library for Nomenclate, as well as Moniker-js, a wrapper for the address primitive support in Handshake to resolve to multiple chain addresses. There team is fundraising now as well.

Provide (Kyle Thomas) /HNSimple (Brian Soule (Mobile iOS App):

Needs: Keys and addresses/configs for testnet3 and test websites, and compiled list of test websites. Will be spinning up their own private network with Kyle for testing.

Kyle and the Provide team have support for Swift API available and Brian Soules HNSimple team has found it very helpful in providing a robust and decentralized medium to interact with Handshake. Brian’s team is polishing over next few weeks on making the UI/UX as fluid as possible.

Kyle and Provide has global node support live for AWS, can run a node and query, if you need one, just let @kylebt know.

Alex Smith:
Working on the OpenCL miner working on Nvidia card, got it hooked up to hstratum

Needs: struggles with lack of client documentation, witness hashes/transaction hashes and tree roots and etc are not referenced.

Running HSD on Windows is difficult right now, having to run in a docker container. Struggling to get HSD building on windows. Believe someone is working on an Electron app he could bundle with miner. But, Windows build being big free and easy should be high priority given most enthusiast miners will run Windows in emerging markets with mid-range PCs.

Tieshun and Namebase:

Anthony/Rafael have been doing recoveries of wallet databases from mnemonics — and doing a deeper dive on the project. Working on messaging around airdrop claims tool, and how to position that to users.

Purse/Bcoin/Boyma: Mark Tyneway is working on CLI bcoin tool for signing transactions with Trezor and Ledger, to eventually add support for HSD. Boyma wrote the ledger support and meeting with Vince Cerf (co-creator of TCP/IP).

Purse/Bcoin/Boyma: Mark Tyneway gave a walkthrough on BIP44 key derivation, and how it works with Handshake/ledger. He also gave a bunch of other tips for groking how the modular components in HSD interact. We will try to do more of these so we can slowly ramp up more low-level contributors.

Boyma is about finished with his support for Ledger too alongside Matt Zipkin — who is going to break stuff and make things with raspberry Pi’s utilizing HSD and he’s also been contributing a few bug fixes.

Dylan Bathurst has finished his first version of Fistbump, a way to query names privately using your own fullnode. This will act as a chrome extension so you can query names and the chain without anyone storing your database queries to monetize or sell names back to you. It’s been added to the HNS Alliance repo.

Mike Damm: Has been working on exposing Hanshake names via a subdomain of hs.zone, should be operational this week. He’s going to get it included in the Mozilla public suffix list so it will be treated as a TLD. :fire:

Looming Needs:
— Keeping track of Bcoin-org improvements, for potential to pull downstream into HSD. (i.e. recent improvements to the bcoin has reduced sync time by 50%). Important we keep pace with bcoin improvements as they come in and make it a point to cherry pick which are most useful to implement concurrently with HSD development - best to start early.
— Mining Pool frontend for Handshake.
— Continue improving visibility and documentation for the HNSAlliance/HandshakeAcademy

Alliance Site: HNSAlliance.org

Alliance Repo: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance

HNScan Block Explorer: HNScan.com

Nomenclate: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/nomenclate
Nomenclate-JS: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/nomenclate-js

Handshake Nodes & API Services —
Urkel: http://Urkel.io
Provide: http://Provide.Services

Nameian Email Notifier: http://Nameian.com

Fistbump Chrome Extension: https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/fistbump

Annotated whitepaper: https://namebase.io/handshake-whitepaper/

Handshake Academy: http://Handshake.org

HSD Daemon in Rust (WIP): https://github.com/HandshakeAlliance/rust-handshake