Github keys have been cycled since August 27, 2018


My github account was eligible to have its public keys added to the merkle tree, however, the keys on August 27, 2018 have been cycled and I am using new ones since I got a new computer shortly after.

Does this mean I’m out of luck for collecting the airdrop? There’s no information about the github account stored in the tree that can be used to prove identity?


The scraped github tree data has not been publicly revealed. Your timing is particularly awkward because I think the airdrop tree was built in September and possibly again just this month. If you still have your old keys, you can try them with the hs-airdrop tool. If they don’t work ("Error: nonce not found in bucket xx") try your new keys.

Also: if you ever signed up for the faucet on your github keys were likely removed because recipients were de-duped.