General Handshake Call (Testnet 4 Discussion/Mainnet Planning)


Different from our normal developer calls, we wanted to have a more general one just to discuss what’s left to focus on before mainnet, and ideas to ensure the house is in order prior to that. That said, we came up with a few key items worth focusing on until launch to ensure things go smoothly.

Here’s what we outlined as some must-dos in lead-up to the launch:

  • General guides in relation to mining, for all major operating systems Windows/MacOS/and Linux (Could potentially skip Linux, though. But should to be whole). This includes how to get your daemon and miner hashing and/or hitting a pool stratum. McKie (I) will work on this. This will be hoisted on, Handshake Community, BlockChannel and on the Alliance Github. Will work with Alex Smith/Sean Kilpatrick as needed.

  • Mark will work on preparing the necessary walkthroughs for Airdrop claims. This includes the Hacker News, Github, Website Faucet, and Investor claims. This will be hoisted on, Handshake Community, BlockChannel and on the Handshake-Org Github.

  • Bcoin team will work to nail down further launch specifics as it becomes more clear, as well as approximations for the launch difficulty so can do test runs for the launch. As we move closer to launch, we will seek to work with Hans to get a list of the faucet participants emails so we can notify them en masse where they can get the mining/airdrop claim resources so they can be more prepared.

-Provide will seek to have the proper documentation for hoisted in in the form of a guide for devs to quickly spin up developer envs against Handshake nodes.

  • Let’s all also be on the lookout for more opportunities to speak and introduce Handshake to technical and non-technical audiences where we can. Send any interesting opportunities to and or - or just notify us in the Alliance Dev channel.

  • Mark and Matt Prewitt of Amentum/RadXChange will work on branding and positioning of Handshake and best ways to ensure non-technical people can firmly grasp the potential and purpose of the network, so narratives are fluid and digestible.

  • The Urkel/HNScan team will work on more resources for Handshake Academy in regards to: “What is DNS?”; “What is ICANN?” – and others like it, so people can understand the state of the current DNS we all presently use.

We plan to have more of these on a adhoc basis as we get closer to launch as it makes sense. Hopefully this serves as a way to showcase to curious outsiders looking in where they can assist.