Earn HNS by hosting Handshake meetups


Nambase.io is looking for community ambassadors to host ongoing Handshake meetups aka shakeups.

By hosting shakeups you will help create a space for learning about Handshake and how to use the technology like setting up handyminer, creating a wallet on Namebase.io, and bidding on names in the auction. This will also be a time to share strategies and results as new TLDs are released every week in the first year.

Namebase.io will pay out HNS coins as rewards to community ambassadors for hosting shakeups once mainnet launches.

If you are interested in applying as a community ambassador, please fill out this form and we will contact you directly.


Thank you @Rainman …I just filled out the HNS Ambassador form and I have been a HNS fan since the launch of the paper.

I have experience running meetups, hosting shakeups :hearts: for both technical and non-technical participants.

Good timing, as I am currently setting up handyminer to shake out HNS mining in testnet and be ready for mainnet launch.

Will be delighted to share with others locally my experience on all things HNS (wallet, mining, bidding, auction, …).


Awesome initiative guys. Posted in the Telegram channel.


Do we have any updates on this initiative?

I run regular meetups here, and want to understand when we are ready as a community to share further.


Come to the latest meetup here Social Handshake Meetup in SF July 3rd


Which location will you host meetups in? We’ll be reaching out to everyone who signed up next week!


@tieshun @mckie I am based out of Australia, and planning to host meetups in Melbourne.


区块律动BlockBeats has applied for the Ambassador.
区块律动BlockBeats is one leading blockchain media in china. We get hundreds of thousands of traffic every month. We had hold Grin, Decred, Lightning Network, Near Protocol in China in 2019.
Hope we can do this in Beijing, China.