6block.com opening Public mining test for Handshake Launch!


6block pool is ready to Test Handshake mining!

With less than 438 blocks to go for BTC block 615817, we’ve launched the second phase of the 6block pool launch, we’ve opened testing to the public!.

Now everyone will be able to test mine on 6block and get ready for the Handshake Launch taking place right on BTC Block 615817. Tomorrow, Feb 1st, the full node source will be available and we’ll update our pool to allow public testing using the release code.

We will compile and have the source ready for launch on time, we intend to be the 1st pool available for our miners.

How to mine

  • Choose your miner, Handyminer is one of the best out there
  • Connect to the pool URL:stratum+tcp://handshake.6block.com:7701 or stratum+tcp://handshake-us.6block.com:7701
  • User/Worker:youraccountname.worker_name. (You create this worker on our pool)
  • Password: anything you want, password is necessary but it can be any character.

Keep in mind

During the testing phase, no coins will be produced, this is just for testing and making sure our miners and ourselves as pool are prepared, when we switch to mainnet launch, everything will work as intended.